Hop On Hop Off FAQ

What is ‘hop-on hop-off’?

The hop-on hop-off system allows you to be flexible and independent, while ensuring that your transportation is simple and safe. You choose where you want to get off the bus, what to do there, and how long you want to stay. We pick you up at the appointed time, get you to your next destination, and make sure you have a great time in between.

How does the Abraham Bus compare to travelling alone?

The Abraham Bus came to help independent travelers in Israel, who were frustrated with the local public transport system. We provide high-quality, door-to-door service, a great travelling experience, and all the support and  information you need. You also save money: even assuming that buses and trains ran on weekends, and that they stopped in every site that we do, the cumulative costs of travelling by public transport would be much higher than our rates.

 What’s included?

We provide door-to-door transportation to the most attractive sites in Israel, pick-up from most major hostels in the cities, coordinate accommodation, answer travel questions, and let you download an app with extra information on sites along the way. You’ll get a 5% discount in all ILH hostels you stay at, and  a 15% discount on other Abraham Tours that we offer around Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Egypt.

 Can I start and stop anywhere on the route?

Yes, you can. You can book your tickets by phone, online, or at partner hostels, and just show your voucher to the driver when you get on the bus. You can also change your route, stay longer at any stop, and join again at any point, while your ticket is still valid. We’re happy to give you more logistical information on how to get to places off the traditional tourist route, and how to get back to the pick-up point.

How do I let you know where I want to be picked up?

Call us between 9am and 5pm, on (+972) 2 5660045, or send us an email to [email protected]. If you’ve told us that you’re going be somewhere and want to change your plans, that’s fine – just let us know. Please note that we can’t guarantee to respond to calls or emails after 5pm.

What’s the accommodation like?

Travelling on the Abraham Bus requires staying overnight at either the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem, or the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth – both high-quality hostels that we trust and support. Along the way, you can stay anywhere you choose. We have a number of partner hostels on the route, close to the pick-up points. We aim to seek out the best accommodation in each location, and can assist you in booking your stay there. Our partner hostels are: Hayarkon 48, Gordon Inn, Old Jaffa Hostel, in Tel Aviv; Port Inn in Haifa; Fauzi Azar and Samira Guest House in Nazareth; Tiberias Hostel and Aviv Hotel in Tiberias; Safed Inn in Safed; and Jerusalem Hostel and Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem. You’ll get a 5% discount in all of these hostels.

I’m travelling by myself – will I be lonely?

Our experience shows that travelers on the Abraham Bus tend to be pretty friendly, open people, and that friendships form quickly. That said, if you want to stray away and do your own thing, you’re never forced to stay with the group.

What are the dates of the Abraham Bus operating season?

At the moment, we are running through the summer months, from June to September. Check back for updates.

How much money will I need to budget?

You can plan your trip however you want, on any budget. Accommodation usually costs 70 – 250 NIS per night, depending on the location and type of room. In terms of things to do along the way, most of the national parks and museums have an entrance fee of 20 – 40 NIS, while other sites are free of charge. You can find out information on fees and costs along the way in our travel app, or by asking our travelers center.

What other activities can I do along the way?

Whether you want to hike Masada, visit Bethlehem, explore the Golan Heights, see pyramids, take a cooking class or go out on a pub crawl, you should check what Abraham Tours has to offer you! We arrange a variety of tours around Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Egypt. For more information visit www.abrahamtours.com.

How can my family get in touch with me in case of emergency?

If needed, we will do our best to locate and contact Abraham bus travelers along the way, and pass on emergency messages. Call us or send us an email. Please use this service for emergencies only.

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