Arabic Immersion Course with Maha Yakoub

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The course is designed to immerse students in the fundamentals of the Arabic language and culture. Your home and classroom during your stay in Nazareth will be the Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels – an old Arabic family mansion in the heart of Nazareth’s old city. Even outside of the classroom, you will be surrounded by the Arabic language day and night. This unforgettable experience will equip you with the language skills you require to initiate basic conversations. The course will focus on speaking and listening comprehension, understanding the foundations of Arabic Grammar, reading and writing. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to introduce yourself, order food in a restaurant, communicate in the market, and much more.

Arrive on Saturday at the Fauzi Azar, a centrally located 200 year old Arab mansion, and settle in with your fellow course participants. Each morning starts with a complimentary Arabic breakfast, before you head to the classroom to learn all the basics of spoken Arabic. You will also participate in activities to apply your knowledge, such as a cooking workshop and dinner, a tour of the market, and a music evening – all in Arabic, of course. In your spare time, you are free to cook together in our well-equipped guest kitchen, head out to discover Nazareth’s choice of restaurants, or choose to explore more of the area by yourself or on our guided tours. Whatever you might need, our helpful staff will happily assist you!

By attending this language course, you will receive a comprehensive package where combining the Arabic language and culture of the country is sure to be a unique highlight of your travel experience in Israel.

Price Options:

1 Basic Dorm Accomodation Price: ₪5,705.00

1 Single Room Accomodation: ₪8,090.00

2 Double Room Accomdation (2 ppl booking together) Total ILS per person: ₪6,695.00






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  • Learn the basics of Arabic in a 10 day intensive course in Nazareth
  • Experience a comprehensive introduction to Arabic culture by Maha Yakoub
  • Apply your accumulated knowledge in diverse afternoon workshops & activities around town with locals
  • Enjoy a stay in Nazareth’s beautiful Old City


Tour Itinerary

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    Sat 14th
    Day 1

    * Optional shuttle transfer from Abraham Hostel location in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv
    Check-in to Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels in the heart of Nazareth’s Old City

  • arrow
    Sun 15th
    Day 2

    12:30-17:30: Class
    19:30 – Knafeh Workshop

  • arrow
    Mon 16th
    Day 3

    09:00: City tour in Arabic
    12:30-17:30: Class

  • arrow
    Tue 17th
    Day 4

    9:30-14:30: Class
    18:00: Cooking Workshop

  • arrow
    Wed 18th
    Day 5

    9:30-14:30: Class
    18:00: Dabke Lesson – Palestinian Folk Dance

  • arrow
    Thu 19th
    Day 6

    9:30-15:30: Class

  • arrow
    Fri 20th
    Day 7

    Free Weekend to enjoy Nazareth (with accommodation in Fauzi Azar) // or Trip with Maha to Jerusalem & Bethlehem (Optional Extra)

  • arrow
    Sat 21st
    Day 8

    Free Weekend to enjoy Nazareth (with accommodation in Fauzi Azar) // or Trip with Maha to Jerusalem & Bethlehem (Optional Extra)

  • arrow
    Sun 22nd
    Day 9

    9:30-15:30: Class
    20:00: Arabic Movie Night & Popcorn

  • arrow
    Mon 23rd
    Day 10

    9:00-12:00: Class (Finals)
    Departure from Fauzi Azar
    * Optional shuttle transfer from Nazareth to Abraham Hostel Jerusalem or Tel Aviv




  • 9 nights accommodation in a mixed dorm including breakfast (Female dorm and private room upgrade is optional)
  • Total of 35 hours of Arabic lessons by Maha Yakoub
  • The studies will take place in a classroom in the Fauzi Azar
  • Productive learning environment in a small group of max. 22 students
  • Learning materials incl. sheets, songs, etc
  • Arabic cooking workshop
  • Market tour in the Old City
  • Music night with traditional Arabic music / Introduction to Dabke (Arabic Folk Dance)
  • Arabic movie night
  • Transfer to Nazareth from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and return (if required)
  • Free Wi-Fi access



  • Additional meals & drinks
  • Additional activities and tours
  • Optional room upgrade (upon request & according to availability)



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