Hebron Dual Narrative Tour from Tel Aviv

Our fascinating tour of Hebron delves into the heart of this special region – the city of Abraham, the site of the burial place of the Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs, one of the four holy cities in Judaism, and a sacred place in Islam.

The day is split into two parts, with the morning spent visiting Jewish ‘settlers’ in the city, and the afternoon dedicated to the Palestinian section, for a balanced account and insight into life in Hebron.

After departing Tel Aviv, we will travel south into the hills of Judea in a specially protected bus before arriving in ‘H2′, the Israeli controlled area of Hebron and the biggest city in the West Bank. Here, you will have the opportunity to visit the divided Tomb of the Patriarchs, home to the symbolic tombs of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, and even Adam and Eve – all said to be buried in the cave beneath.

A fascinating exploration of the Jewish ‘settler’ neighborhoods follows, including the Avraham Avinu Quarter and restored synagogue, the Beit Hadassah museum, showcasing Jewish life in Hebron before the riots of 1929, as well as the Shavei Hevron Yeshiva in Beit Romano, where 300 students currently attend. Also on the agenda is a stop at the hilltop Tel Rumeida, home to a Bronze Age archaeological site, an army base and the tomb of Ruth and Jesse from the Bible.

Then, we will meet our Palestinian guide in the Palestinian region, and enter into the bustle of the city center. Here you will have the option to dine and experience a home cooked lunch with a Palestinian family and speak to some of the city’s locals.

We will then view Hebron from a family’s rooftop and learn about the difficulties and struggles the Palestinian residents and shop owners, living in close proximity to the nearby settlements, face day to day. There will also be time in the schedule to visit the Muslim side of the Tomb of the Patriarchs, known as the Ibrahimi (Abraham’s) Mosque.

Abraham’s tour of Hebron, run by two guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian, offers a unique window into two different narratives of one ancient, contested city. Each guide will show us their perspective of the city, in a political, yet objective tour, where each participant is left with the freedom to draw their own conclusions.

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  • Get a unique perspective with a tour of both sides of this unique city
  • Visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs as well as the major Jewish and Islamic sites in Hebron
  • Speak with Palestinians and Israelis living in this divided city
  • Better understand the complex political situation


Tour Itinerary

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    Day Tour

    08:00 – Depart from Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
    09:30 – Arrive in Hebron for a tour of H2, the Israeli side
    13:00 – Lunch
    14:00 – Tour of the Palestinian area
    18:00 – Arrive back to Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

    NB: All times are approximate and the order of sites changes often.

Good to Know

  • This tour is not available for Israeli passport holders due to restrictions
  • This tour will take you into some religious neighborhoods. In order to respect those who live there we ask that you dress modestly for this tour. Men should wear long trousers and avoid wearing shorts or tank tops, women should wear pants or skirts below the knees. Shirts or shawls which are see through or do not cover the shoulders and elbows fully are problematic and should be avoided as well.
  • Pickup points: Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel Lobby (21 Levontin St.)
  • Things to bring: Snacks & water, Hat, Camera, Sunscreen, Passport




  • Guided tour of both sides of Hebron
  • Transportation


  • Lunch (30 NIS)

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Do we need a visa for this tour?

No, as you will not be crossing international borders. You just need your passport to show at the checkpoints (it will not be stamped)

Can we join this tour from Hebron?

In theory, yes. It will have to be pre arranged with our Travel Center and will be at your responsibility to arrive at the appointed spot and time.


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