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Join a functioning communal Israeli Kibbutz for a day, as we take you from Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean coast to Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael for an in-depth tour and lunch


  • Tour one of Israel's last remaining truly communal Kibbutz
  • Learn about the history, culture and unique lifestyle that a Kibbutz offers its residents
  • Eat a delicious lunch in a Kibbutz dining hall
  • Enjoy one of the most amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea

Tour Itinerary

  • - 10:30 - Depart from Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
  • - 11:30 - Meet with your Guide, a local Kibbutz member, for a tour of the Kibbutz
  • - 13:15 - Lunch in the Kibbutz dining room
  • - 14:30 - Head back to Tel Aviv
  • - 15:45 - Arrive back at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
  • NB: All times are approximate

Full Description

Join a truly communal Kibbutz community for a day, on our Kibbutz Experience tour from Tel Aviv.

One of the key segments of early Zionist communities in Israel, Kibbutzim are collective communities based upon a socialist philosophy, with lifetime membership for their residents. With a long history of involvement in the realization of the Zionist dream and the incorporation of socialist ideology into the Israeli mindset and government structure, they also play a key role in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors of Israel.

We’ll depart Tel Aviv mid-morning and travel an hour north to Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean coast. Our guide, a local kibbutz member, will meet us and give a brief introduction about the kibbutz. Following an in-depth tour of the kibbutz, including observing its extensive fish pools which provide one of the key sources of income, you’ll get to experience and understand the amazing culture and history of the Kibbutz movement as we eat a delicious communal lunch in the kibbutz dining hall.

As one of the last remaining truly communal kibbutzim in Israel, a tour to Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael is a fascinating and unique experience and immersion into one of history’s most influential community structures.

Following our tour and lunch, we will depart for Tel Aviv, arriving back at the Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv in the mid afternoon.

For more information you can call us on +972 2 566 0045 between 9am and 9pm (Israel time), or write to us.
220 ILS
Per Person
220 ILS = 59€ / 69$ / 50£

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Quick Facts
  • Duration:
    Day Tour
  • Start time:
  • End time:
  • Essential Information:
    Things to bring
    - Hat and sunscreen
    - Water and snacks
  • Includes:
    - Lunch in the Kibbutz
    - Guided Tour
    - Full Transportation from Tel Aviv
  • Price from: 220ILS