Transfer Nazareth - Amman, Jordan (Nazarene Tours)

If you are planning a trip to Jordan or Petra, or have already been and need a convenient method of transportation to Israel, this reliable transfer service between Nazareth and Amman is for you.

With departures a few times a week, this transfer is likely to suit almost any planned itinerary or last-minute trip.

This is a public bus service, operated by an external operator. It is not guided or assisted, meaning all border procedures, visas, and further arrangements are to be made by the customer and are his/her own responsibility. Abraham Tours website is the exclusive provider of online sales for the bus service operated by Nazarene Tours.

Time differences
It is important to be aware when crossing the border that throughout the year Jordan and Israel have time differences due to ‘daylight savings’ changes. Please keep this in mind when considering this service, to be sure that you will be arriving into Jordan in time for any flight/transfers.
Visa and Border Information
Please check the relevant Israeli and Jordanian government websites for the most up to date visa eligibility and pricing information. While most nationalities can obtain a visa at the border, some travelers may be required to obtain a visa in advance.
For travelers exiting Israel, a fee of 107 ILS is payable at the Nazarene Transport and Tourism offices in Nazareth (bus’ departure location) or at the Israeli border, and 40 Jordanian Dinars (approx $56 USD) is required for the Jordanian Visa, when staying under 3 nights. Passengers staying 3 nights or more will have to pay 10 JOD. For those entering Israel from Jordan, a Jordanian exit fee of 10 Jordanian Dinars (approx. 15 USD) may apply.

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  • Full transportation between Nazareth in Israel and Amman in Jordan
  • Part of the quickest overland route to Amman from Northern Israel
  • Arrive into Amman, the gateway to Petra and Wadi Rum from the North
  • Leaves from and arrives in central locations


Tour Itinerary

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    Nazareth to Amman

    08:30 – Depart from Nazareth – 97 Paulus Ha-Shishi St. (Nazarene Transport and Tourism Office)
    13:15 Arrive in Amman – Waradat Albustan Hotel.

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    Amman to Nazareth

    14:00 – Depart from Amman – Waradat Albustan Hotel.
    19:30 – Arrive in Nazareth – Marj Ibn Amer St (Clalit Hospital/Deloitte building

Good to Know

  • Printed Confirmation: For the fastest and most convenient transportation between Northern Israel and Jordan, this Nazareth to Amman transfer service is well priced and available a few times a week.
  • Things to bring: Printed Confirmation of this booking, Luggage, Passport, Visa (most nationalities can obtain at border crossing)
  • Border & Visa fees: (Nazareth to Amman approx. 90 USD) , (Amman to Nazareth approx. 15 USD) - Documentation outlining your stay in both countries, as well as flight and accommodation information
  • Border Delays: We have no control over the border customs and immigration process. If you are personally delayed extensively due to your visa or security issues the bus unfortunately cannot wait for you, and you will need to take alternative private transportation to your final destination. In such cases, if you have been delayed beyond our control, no refund will be possible.
  • Staying in Nazareth before or after your travels? Check out the award winning Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth for a complete experience!
  • Pickup points: Amman - Waradat Albustan Hotel, Nazareth - 97 Paulus Ha-Shishi Street,




  • Transportation from Nazareth and Amman



  • Visa and Border fees
  • Border Assistance

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Where do we meet for the bus?

When departing from Nazareth we will meet the Nazarene Tours bus at 97 Paulus Ha-Shishi St. (Nazarene Transport and Tourism Office)To save time at the border crossing please pay the Israeli exit fee of 107 ILS at the Nazarene office.


When departing from Amman we will meet the Nazarene Tours bus at the Waradat Albustan Hotel, Salem Al-Jundi Street, just off Queen Rania St.

Is it necessary to stay in Nazareth before/after?

Public transport to/from Nazareth isn’t the best, especially in the morning and evening hours.


We recommend checking availability at our Nazareth guesthouse, the Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels, to ensure arrival on time for the bus or to rest after the ride from Amman.


Do you have to print your ticket confirmation?

Yes, in order to confirm your booking with the driver on-site you will have to print your confirmation and bring it with you on the departure day.


Is it necessary to book a ticket beforehand?

In order to guarantee your seat on the bus, it is highly recommended to book a ticket beforehand. Abraham Tours are the only ones to offer this service online (powered by Nazarene Tours)


What does the bus look like?

The bus will be a 50-seater, painted in white and red stripes. Usually it will flag the name of the carrier, “Nazarene Tours” or “Nazarene Express”. If you are uncertain, feel free to turn to the Nazarene office located at the departure location in Nazareth.

How long does the Nazareth-Amman ride take?

The bus ride from Nazareth to Amman takes around 4.5 hours incl. border crossing, with the scheduled arrival in Amman being 13:00.


The ride from Amman to Nazareth takes around 4.5 hours incl. border crossing, arrival in Nazareth is expected shortly before 19:00.

Do you need a visa to get on the bus?

Most nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival at the border crossing. Please make sure to click here and check if you are required to pre-arrange one in order to avoid any inconveniences and delays.
To save time at the border crossing please pay the Israeli exit fee of 107 ILS at the Nazarene office.

are border fees and taxes included? What happens if I have a Jordanpass?

No, border fees are to be paid separately and are in the sole responsibility of the traveler. To save time at the border crossing please pay the Israeli exit fee of 107 ILS at the Nazarene office. Travelers staying in Jordan for three nights or more will pay an entry fee of 10 JOD. A stay of fewer than three nights will raise the fee to 40 JOD. Travelers who hold a Jordanpass are exempt from the Jordanian entry fee.

Where does the bus drop off?

The drop-off point on the route from Nazareth to Amman is the Waradat Albustan Hotel, Salem Al-Jundi Street, just off Queen Rania St.
The drop-off point on the route from Amman to Nazareth is at Clalit Hospital / Deloitte building located at 9 Marj Ibn Amer St. Nazareth. Stops on the bus’ route are possible per request from the driver.

Will the bus stop in Irbid?

The bus also has a scheduled stop in Irbid on the Nazareth to Amman route only. estimated arrival there is shortly before 12:00.
The stop is bookable via the same ticket for the same price. Please notify the Nazarene office in the morning before leaving.

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