West Bank 3 day Package Tour

This West Bank Tour package is made up of three separate day tours, each starting and ending in Jerusalem. You can take them in any order you wish, depending on the days you choose.

The first tour is a general introduction day called ‘The Best of the West Bank’, which covers a number of important cities and towns. We start in Jericho, stopping by at Qasr el-Yahud, a baptism site on the Jordan River. We’ll move on to Jericho itself, where we will see the archeological site of the oldest city. From there, we will drive to Ramallah, the lively, vibrant West Bank city, where we will visit the tomb of Yasser Arafat. The tour finishes in Bethlehem, stopping for a delicious Middle Eastern lunch, and a guided tour of the city. We will visit a few of the sites associated with Jesus, including the Church of the Nativity. We’ll also visit the separation barrier, a prominent and controversial feature of the entire West Bank, and walk through the old city. 

The second tour is the Nablus and Jenin Tour, going up to the north of the West Bank. On this tour, we’ll discover some hidden corners of the West Bank, allowing us to understand the complex situation even better. We’ll visit Jenin, a Palestinian refugee camp far in the North of the West Bank, see its cultural center and tour around the camp and bustling markets. We’ll visit a hammam (old bathhouse), a traditional soap factory, as well as other sites in the city. We’ll visit the Samaritans who have been living around Mount Gerizim for millennia. We’ll stop for lunch during the day in the village of Zababdeh.

The third and last part of the package is a unique tour focused on one city – Hebron. The Dual-Narrative Hebron Tour is a great way to access one of the most special and most complicated cities in the world. Two tour guides – a Jewish settler and a Palestinian resident – show you their sides of the city and tell you their story. At the center of Hebron is a huge monument holding the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (and their wives), holy to both Jews and Muslims. The two communities have a long and turbulent history in the city, and the two guides will guide you through their versions of that story, as well as showing you the sights, sounds and smells of the city.

The three tours complement each other and each one adds another part to the complex picture that is the West Bank. You’ll come out more experienced and more knowledgeable, and have great stories to share.

For more information on the sites we’ll be passing, download our free travel app to your smartphone.

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  • Visit the city where Jesus was born, Bethlehem
  • Taste the local Palestinian food and sweets
  • Tour the vibrant, modern, city of Ramallah
  • Visit a modern-day Palestinian refugee camp
  • Hear different sides of the conflict narrative, by meeting both Israeli settlers and Palestinians
  • Stay in the top-rated Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem!


Tour Itinerary

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    Tour 1
    Best of the West Bank (Saturday or Tuesday depending on date chosen)

    Day Tour – Best of the West Bank Tour (Guided)
    Overnight – Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

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    Tour 2:
    Nablus & Jenin (Monday)

    Day Tour – Nablus & Jenin Tour (Guided)
    Overnight – Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

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    Tour 3
    Dual-Narrative Hebron Tour (Sunday or Wednesday depending on date chosen)

    Day Tour – Hebron Dual Narrative Tour (Guided)

    Note: The order of the tours changes according to the day you start the package.
    If you start on Saturday, the order of the tours is as above.
    If you start on Sunday, you will do the Hebron tour, Nablus and Jenin Tour and then the Best of the West Bank.
    If you start on Monday, you will do the Nablus, Jenin Tour, then the Best of the West Bank, and end up with the Hebron tour.
    The package can be booked without accommodation, as well as with additional accommodation before and after the package starts and finishes.

    *Itinerary is subject to change.

Good to Know

  • Passports are required, and it is unlawful for Israeli passport holders to join. Pickup points: Jerusalem Abraham Hostel Lobby (Davidka Square)
  • Things to bring: passport, snacks & water, hat, camera, sunscreen
  • Order of Tours changes depending on start date. See your confirmation for full itinerary
  • Abraham Tours is happy to help find you accommodation in Jerusalem, especially at our world-famous Abraham Hostel, but this is not included in the price and availability is not guaranteed
  • Our package tours are great value, and provide a significant discount on both accommodation and the separate tours. As such further discounts don't apply
  • Age Limit for Dorm Room: Our Dorm rooms have an age range limit of 18 to 45 years. If you do not fall into this requirement, please select an upgrade to one of our great private rooms so we are able to accommodate you.




  • Guiding
  • Traditional Arab style lunch on the “Best of the West Bank’ Day
  • Transportation to all sites from Jerusalem


  • Drinks
  • Lunch for Nablus and Jenin Tour (45 ILS)
  • Lunch for Hebron Tour (30 ILS)

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Will I be with the same people everyday?

As part of our unique and dynamic package style, you will be joined by many different travelers on each day’s tours, some who will be with you most of your itinerary, and others who may just be joining for a day tour.

The date I want to book is in less than 7 days and the website is not showing availability, can I still book?

Please email us directly at pack[email protected] to check availability for packaged departing in less than 7 days.


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