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Photos of Bohol Hidden Waterfalls

Bohol Hidden Waterfalls

Visit some of Bohol’s hidden waterfalls with Abraham! There’s no shortage of waterfalls in Bohol, and many are majestically beautiful. Some are easy to get to, and surely you can’t visit all of Bohol’s Waterfalls in a short visit. We collected a few hidden waterfalls that are otherwise harder to reach and assembled them into a nifty Bohol Waterfalls tour. We’ll swim, dip, splash, and jump into two hidden waterfalls – Dam-Agan and Pahangog. We’ll hike up and down while searching for excitement in these splendid cascades through tropical jungles, rice paddies and coconut groves.

We’ll start the day in Dam-Agan which offers a spectacular array of adventures for those looking to escape the heat. The area is magnificent in its natural state, and its waterfall can bring about an amazing sense of contentment. It was given the name Dam-agan due to the stiff, narrow aisle’s potential for trip hazards. (Dam-ag Visaya term of Fell off).

Then will hike to Pahangog waterfalls (also known as Dimiao Twin Falls), which are surrounded by large trees and other rich greenery, creating a cool and energizing mood in the magnificent mountain scenery. Even at the height of the summer, its distinctive traits remain, and its water slowly flows in three streams across slopes and rock formations that create a semi-circle without concern for being swept away by strong currents.

Oh, and did we mention? We’ll end the day kayaking in the picturesque and magically calm Tagbanue River. We’ll enter the river mouth from the ocean and travel up. We’ll have the chance to stop on a small sandbar for a spectacular view of the sunset.

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  • Go on a wonderful journey to discover 3 off-the-beaten-track Bohol waterfalls
  • Go on epic cliff jumps in the cool waters after each trek
  • Kayak in peace in a hidden river for amazing sunset views
  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the diverse Bohol forest


Tour Itinerary

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    08:00 – Depart from Abraham Bohol
    09:30 – Arrive in Dam-Agan Falls hike
    11:00 – Arrive in Pahangog Falls hike
    13:00 – Lunch in Woody’s Restaurant (lunch not included)
    15:30 – Arrive Tagbanue River Kayak Area
    17:00 – Leave to Abraham Bohol
    18:30 – Arrive back to Panglao

    (Note: All given times of departure and arrivals may vary.)

Good to Know

  • Pick up Points: Abraham Bohol
  • Tour might be canceled due to heavy rains and bad weather
  • Things to bring: Hat, water, sunscreen, Swim Suit, Towel, mosquito repellent, towel, spare clothes




  • Tour Coordinator
  • Transportation 
  • Entrance fees


  • Drinks
  • Towel
  • Lunch

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How long is the drive?

It’ll take one hour and a half each way.





Where are the waterfalls we’ll visit?

These Bohol Waterfalls are all in Dimiao Municipality, about 60 km east of Panglao.






Is the long drive worth it?

For sure, yes! Bohol’s most beautiful waterfalls are not situated in the tourist centers. The long drive through narrow jungle roads will also ensure you an off the beaten path experience that only a few of the visitors to Bohol get.



What is the best time to go to the waterfalls?

It’s best to leave early in the morning, as we’ll still have to drive back in time for dinner, and perhaps, a night out in Panglao.





Are there shower rooms and toilets throughout the tour?

There will be some toilets available along the way, but only Dam-Agan and the brewery have organized ones. It’s better to inform our guide that you need to go prior to arrival in the falls, so we could find a proper place for your convenience.


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