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Abraham launched in 2010 with its Jerusalem hostel and a handful of tours. From humble beginnings, the brand has made waves in local and international tourism with a growing network of hostels, day tours and package tours. We are proud experts in the world of tourism, catering to the needs of travelers from all walks of life to unveil unique aspects of regions, be it culture, religion, adventure or getting acquainted with the local scene.

Our efforts have seen travelers connecting with other like-minded people. We provide ongoing support to local businesses and nearby communities, opening conversations about the political and religious aspects that have divided many. The Abraham brand prides itself on striving toward economic, environmental and social responsibilities, to help preserve the natural beauty of the world around us while supporting those working toward making it a better place.

About Us

Abraham is your trusted operator for the most up-to-date tours and travel information in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt and, most recently, the Philippines, catering to thousands of independent travelers from across the globe! Embark on dozens of tours spanning adventure, nature, religion and culture, each distinctive to Israel, a fascinating country, bordered by beautiful regions which we also cover. We can also arrange private tours and transportation upon request.

We make sure that Israel (and areas further afield) are fully accessible to all travelers. It’s our promise to you that our tours in particular include the knowledge and services necessary to reach all sites and attractions worth visiting, even those off the beaten track. Our fully guided and self-guided tours, demonstrates our commitment to everyone with a curious mind and eagerness to explore. We look forward to helping you make the most of your next trip to the region, no matter how many times you visit.

Why We’re Different

Abraham Tours and Hostels is experienced in the travel industry. Having been around for over a decade, we know a thing or two about tourism in Israel and beyond. Hyper-focused on catering to the needs of independent and budget travelers, we have everything in check. Our amazing network of tours, shuttles, hostels and partners are there to help you with every facet of your trip.

Not only do we operate our own tours with our own tour guides and app, but we also have unique packages up for grabs in the form of cultural immersion tours—diving deep into Israel, Jordan, the West Bank (Palestinian Territories) and Egypt.

Our offerings include:

An extensive network of hostels in Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Eilat), as well as in Sinai and the Philippines, fostering a sense of community across our welcoming accommodations—a place to connect, eat, work, learn, relax and sleep. 

Working with local partners and communities to ensure that the customer is catered for by those with the best knowledge of the specific area of each tour, and with all the connections and expertise so that things run smoothly.

At the end of each tour, we leave it up to you to ponder over the sites, political disagreements you may observe and religious conflicts in the region, with a focus on providing as much context and real-life explanation as possible.


Abraham’s vision encompasses a new type of tourism—one catering to the Free Independent Travelers (FIT) segment that creates interactions among tourists from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions. This is also an opportunity to form connections between tourists, the local community and local and international staff members. 

Our goal is to:
Provide quality content (online, lectures and printed) to assist independent travelers in maximizing their travel experiences in Israel and the region.
Offer unique quality products to independent travelers allowing them to explore and experience the region including historical sites, cultural events, festivals, attractions, etc.
Help local communities to benefit from your visit in many ways. Our style of travel allows for the enrichment of both of your travel experiences and also helps provide unique destinations and communities with amazing things to offer, as an  accessible part of a trip to the region.
Become a one-stop hub for travelers in Israel and the Philippines to plan their trip using our expert resources and personal advice, whilst socializing with fellow travelers and locals in a cozy non formal environment.
Abraham Tours does not promote a political agenda of any kind. We encourage and assist travelers in seeking as many political opinions as they can to effectively formulate their views.

Economic Responsibility: We pride ourselves on only working with local businesses and strive to source all of our products locally. Meals contain locally sourced food from all over Israel, and we promote two local micro-breweries in all of our locations, Shapira and Taybeh. Travelers stay at our chain of Abraham Hostels which are locally owned and operated, hiring local people. We employ people from all walks of life while providing equal employment opportunities to residents, minorities and new immigrants. Our tours are led by local tour guides and we use local suppliers for any tours that we do not operate in-house. 

Environmental responsibility: We at Abraham take our environmental initiatives very seriously, be it our recycling efforts with receptacles in all of our hostels for both guests and staff, or shower heaters on timers (such as in our Jerusalem hostel) to reduce our electricity use. We have also switched over LED lighting in all our locations to lower our carbon footprint, and have recently undertaken urban gardening initiatives to develop an urban garden in our  Tel Aviv Hostel.
On our tours exploring untouched regions of nature, our travelers are instructed not to interfere with the habitat and to simply enjoy nature while not disturbing it.

Social responsibility: Our guides provide in-depth information, both politically and socially for the tours, and encourage travelers to interact with all the locals and the local community to learn about the various societies and heritage. We stress that our travelers show respect to everyone they meet, and on our local community tours, we only use a local guide.

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