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Photos of Petra & Wadi Rum Tour from Tel Aviv (3 Days)

Petra & Wadi Rum Tour from Tel Aviv (3 Days)


An unforgettable journey through Jordan’s ancient wonders and captivating landscapes, from the historical city of Madaba and the stunning viewpoint of Mount Nebo. Explore the breathtaking archaeological site of Petra, followed by a thrilling 4×4 Jeep tour through the untouched beauty of Wadi Rum.

We will drive to Madaba, an ancient jordanian city, and go up to the viewpoint of Mount Nebo. We will have lunch and then drive to the Camp outside of Petra where you will enjoy Bedouin hospitality, including an Arab-style dinner and a comfortable bed for the night. Before going to sleep, sit beneath the clear desert skies and stargaze, as you drink a cup of delicious Bedouin tea, enjoy a bonfire and live bedouin music.

Waking up early the next morning, we will have a quick breakfast before we get on the bus and depart for Petra. This day of the trip is focused entirely on Petra, a famous archeological site set in a stunning red sandstone landscape. One of the new seven wonders of the world, and the highlight of this trip, Petra was once a major crossroads of the ancient Near East, and its Nabataean people flourished through commerce. You will have the whole morning to tour Petra with the guide, before taking a lunch break at a local restaurant. Then in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to explore the various sites, such as the monastery, on your own before heading back to camp for dinner and another night in the Bedouin camp.

On the last day we continue towards the exquisite desert landscape of Wadi Rum, virtually untouched. We will travel through the vast scenic desert valley on a 4×4 Jeep tour, providing you with the best possible experience of this moon-like landscape, the red sand dunes, towering cliffs of weathered stone, and desert animals.

We will have lunch and then head back to the Allenby Bridge border crossing, and arrive to Tel Aviv in the evening.

This fully-guided tour is a truly memorable experience in Jordan, including full transportation to all locations. We recommend the Abraham Tours extensively informational travel app for smartphones and tablets, for additional information about each of the sites. The app includes maps, information and pictures, and can be downloaded in advance so it doesn’t require an internet connection while you’re on the tour.

For more information on the sites we’ll be passing, download our free travel app to your smartphone.

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  • View the stunning contrast of desert landscapes and fertile plains
  • Enjoy authentic Bedouin hospitality & taste delicious traditional Bedouin food
  • Explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra, for a whole day
  • Ride in a 4x4 in Wadi Rum, the 'Valley of the Moon"
  • Spend two and a half days seeing the best of what Jordan has to offer


Tour Itinerary

  • arrow
    DAY 1

    06:30 – Collection from Abraham Tel Aviv and transfer to Allenby Bridge Border
    07:30 – Collection from Abraham Jerusalem and transfer to Allenby Bridge Border
    09:00 – Cross border at Allenby Bridge
    10:30 – Drive to Mt. Nebo
    12:00 – Lunch in a local restaurant
    13:00 – Drive Madaba Visit
    14:00 – Drive to Petra (Visit Shobak Castle if time Permits, if not it will be Panoramic visit)
    18:30 – Arrive in Petra for dinner & Overnight at Bedouin campsite.

  • arrow
    DAY 2

    07:00 – Breakfast
    08:00 – Group tour to Explore Petra with Guide
    12:00 – Lunch in Restaurant near Petra
    13:00 – Explore Petra Free Time
    17:30 – Meet at the Visitor Center to Drive back to the Camp
    18:30 – Arrive in camp for dinner and overnight stay

  • arrow
    DAY 3

    06:00 – Breakfast in Camp
    07:00 – Departure from the Camp and Drive to Wadi Rum
    09:30 – Arrive to Wadi Rum
    10:00 – 2 hours jeep tour
    12:00 – Lunch
    13:00 – Drive to the border
    18:00 – Arrival at Allenby Bridge Border
    20:00-21:00 – Arrival in Jerusalem
    21:00-22:00 – Arrival in Tel Aviv

    All times approximately and vary according to many factors (such as speed of border formalities; how busy the border is; changes in border opening times; pace of group; traffic; weather effects – sandstorms, snow, floods, etc; crowds; etc)

Good to Know

  • Top Rated tour, with 5 star customer feedback and a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor
  • Leaves from Jerusalem rather than Eilat, saving you money, long rides on public transport and a mandatory night in Eilat
  • One guide that is with you from the moment you arrive in Jordan until you leave taking care of your entire trip.
  • Muslim Holidays: During Islamic Holy Days (especially Ramadan), some sites may be closed or visiting times shortened
  • Leaves from Tel-Aviv than Eilat, saving you money, long rides on public transport and a mandatory night in Eilat
  • The tour is not covered by international travel insurance. Accordingly, if you wish to purchase travel insurance, you must do so independently.




  • Full transportation to all sites
  • Full Guiding
  • Entrance fees
  • 4×4 Jeep tour in Wadi Rum
  • Accommodation in Bedouin campsite 
  • Towel
  • Custom-made travel app for smartphones & tablets
  • Meals (lunch and dinner on first day, breakfast, lunch and dinner on second day, and breakfast and lunch on third day.
  • Note: Religious meal requirements  (such as Kosher or Halal) and gluten free are unfortunately cannot be accommodated on this tour.
  • Note: There is a vegetarian option.
  • Note: If you are traveling alone, you may need to share a room with someone of the same gender, depending on the size of the group.


  • Border taxes – Israeli exit fee of 196 ILS, payable with ILS, USD or EUR or Credit Card.
  • Jordanian exit fee of 10 Jordanian Dinar, payable only cash. Can also be paid with euros, dollars or nis. (there is an option to exchange while crossing into Jordan, on the Israeli side and the jordanian side);
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks
  • Room Upgrade (Hotel option available during the booking process)

calendar redPICK A DATEcalendar arrow

Please note that the dates highlighted in green and yellow are currently available for booking. If you select one of these dates, the booking process will begin.


Do we need to arrange for a visa in advance?

Jordan permits most Western countries to receive a travel visa at the border crossing. However, residents of some countries need to apply for a visa in advance. Check with your local embassy, or online.
For re-entry into Israel, please ensure you are eligible for a Visa on Arrival or have already arranged a multiple entry visa for Israel in advance.
Check your nationality here if you can get visa to Jordan

If your nationality is not acceptable for a visa to Jordan and you have booked a tour, the cancellation policy is similar to everyone.

Israeli Citizens:
Please note, this tour is not available to sole Israeli passport holders, due to restrictions.
If you have Israeli Citizenship in addition to a foreign passport unfortunately
joining this tour is not possible, a refund will not be granted if Abraham tours will discover you have an Israeli citizenship

Israel – Reentry Visa:
If you previously received a visa on the spot when you arrived in Israel, you should have no problem with reentering Israel.
If you had to apply for a visa to enter Israel, please check the conditions of your visa regarding re-entry.

Students, Foreign Workers and Volunteers:
If you are on a student/volunteer/work visa in Israel it is important to ensure you have or are eligible for reentry as some visas are not multiple-entry.
It is best to visit Misrad Hapnim (Ministry for Interior) to receive further information or receive a multiple entrance visa if required.
Please be aware; Israel gives 3 month visas to many nationalities. Often they will give you a new 3 month visa on each entrance, however they will sometimes refuse this if you have overstayed a visa, or have already been in Israel for more than 6 months in the past year on a tourist visa. If you require clarification, please check with the Israel embassy in your country, or the Ministry of Interior in Israel.
-Please check if your nationality is acceptable for a visa to Jordan. if you purchase the tour and your nationality can not receive a visa, a refund will not be issued.

What currency do I need for the border fees?

The border fees on the Israeli side can be paid in ILS, Euro, USD & credit card. The amount is 196 on the spot and 190 online if you purchase it ahead of time.

The Jordanian side only accepts cash. Exit fees are 10 JOD

How much are the border fees and what currency do I need?

The border Exit fees on the Israeli side are 196 ILS, and can be paid in ILS, Euro, USD & credit card.

On the Jordanian side, you will not have to pay any fees coming into the country. Coming back, you will have an exit fee of 10 Jordanian Dinars, which are payable only in cash JOD. If you would like to exchange, you will have a chance to do so on the Israeli side of the border, while waiting to enter Jordan.

Please note that failure to send in or insert your correct passport details by 9:00AM the day before your tour departs can incur extra costs.

What is the name of the border we are passing?

We are passing the Allenby Bridge Border (Israeli Side). The name of the border on the Jordanian side is King Hussein bridge.

What should I pack & what am I forbidden to bring?

We highly recommend traveling light with a backpack or small bag. You are welcome to leave your luggage at the Hostel’s Luggage room.  This will save time while crossing the border and can prevent delays.

Things to bring

  • Valid passport
  • Money for border crossing and exit fee.
  • Warm clothes for night
  • Camera

Please be aware that certain religious clothing and objects can create issues for travelers at the Border crossing. If you wish to bring such items, please consult with our sales desk prior to the tour.

  • Forbidden items in Jordan
  • Any size drones
  • Telescopes
  • Telephoto cameras with super zoom lenses (higher than 1000mm)

Where is the pickup point?

At the lobby of the Abraham Tel Aviv at 21 Levontin street

Can I change my return city?

After crossing back into Israel, we have different vehicles waiting for you to take you to either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The size & number of vehicles are determined by the number of participants who departed from each city. Therefore getting off in another city cannot be guaranteed.

Can I stay in Jordan after the tour ends?

If you plan to leave the tour in Jordan let us know in advance, and we will make the necessary adjustments.

How do we cross back into Israel?

The tour returns to Israel via the Allenby Bridge Border Crossing.

There will be a short stretch of time in which you will be in the crossing without the guide (who will remain on the Jordanian side), while our drivers will be waiting for you on the Israeli side.

For this, it is important to note the following:

* Be patient – during busy periods the crossing might be crowded and slow.

* Returning to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem on your own – there is a small chance that you will be delayed by extra questioning, and have to go back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv on your own. If you are concerned this may happen to you, please read more about it under “What if I experience issues while crossing the border?”.

This is how it goes, step by step:

Try to stick together as a group to make the process easier, unless someone is delayed for questioning. This is not uncommon, and there is not a reason for concern. The group should continue through the border, as the delayed passenger can take a shared taxi back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv once they’ve crossed the border.

* Please note that our representatives are not allowed into the terminal and cannot

assist you inside.

  1. Check in your luggage: Once you finish the procedure on the Jordanian side, the bus will transfer you to the Israeli terminal, where you will be dropped off with your luggage. The first queue is to drop off your luggage for security screening and get a sticker on your passport with the number of pieces of luggage. You’ll still need to get the sticker, even if you only have hand luggage.
  2. First security check: The second queue is to get your passport scanned and put a security sticker on it. Please introduce yourself as a group.
  3. Hand luggage and personal security check: You will then enter the terminal and put your hand luggage through a baggage scanner, and go through a metal detector. Please remove all metal objects before passing through the detector (coins, belts, phones, etc.).
  4. Passport control: At this point you might be asked questions about what you have done in Jordan, what your plans are in Israel, etc. Occasionally the immigration asks a person to wait for further questioning. This process may take a while. If you have been delayed, and the Abraham Tours bus has already left with the rest of the group, you can return to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv using the shared taxis (explained further under “What if I experience issues while crossing the border?”).
  5. Luggage and Passport stamp check: Your luggage and passport will be checked to make sure you have gone through all necessary security procedures.
  6. PCR test In the Israeli side.
  7. Pick up your luggage, pass through customs and you are done! Outside the terminal our driver and bus will be waiting to transfer you back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

What if I experience issues while crossing the border?

As this tour crosses international borders, our ability to ensure the group is able to cross without delay is limited, due to security, customs and visa related issues.

As such, whilst we attempt to wait for all tour participants before departing from the border, both on the way into and on the back from Jordan, if a passenger is delayed we will attempt to provide or suggest alternative transport arrangements for this person to join the group, or arrive in Jerusalem at a later point, to ensure the tour is able to run as scheduled for the rest of the tour participants.

In the event you have been delayed while crossing the border:

In this case, if you can’t find any Abraham Tours bus or sign, the bus may have already left with the group to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, so as not to delay the whole group. This is how you can return to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv:

Take a seat in a SHARED Taxi to Jerusalem: Once you exit the terminal, 5 meters from the door, on the left hand-side wall, is a taxi booth for Al-Nijmeh taxi company. Buy a ticket for a seat in a SHARED taxi. The ticket costs 42 ILS per person and 5 ILS per piece of luggage. Be sure that you are taking the shared taxi and not the private, which costs 350 ILS. You will be directed to the taxi, where you may have to wait until the taxi fills up (this, unfortunately, may take some time). Once the taxi departs, get off at the final stop – Damascus Gate.

  1. Getting back to Abraham Jerusalem: from Damascus Gate it is a short walk west to the Tram stop. Buy a ticket for 5.9 ILS. The Davidka Square stop (where Abraham Jerusalem is located) is the 3rd stop on the tram, in the direction of the Central Station. Alternatively, you can take a brisk 25-minute walk – follow the Old City walls up the hill to Jaffa Road, and walk on Jaffa, with the tram tracks, all the way to the hostel.
  2. Getting back to Abraham Tel Aviv: from Damascus Gate it is a short walk west to the Tram stop. Buy a ticket for 5.9 ILS and get off at the Central Station (6 stations from Damascus Gate). In the Central Station, go up to the 3rd floor. Look for bus number 405 which will take you to Tel Aviv Central Bus Station for the cost of 16 ILS.

Walking from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station: head northeast on Tsemach David St toward Levinsky st. Turn left onto Levinsky st and walk along Levinski for 600 m. Then turn right onto Chlenov St and after 230 m. continue onto Barzilai St. After 140 m. turn right onto Levontin St. Abraham Tel Aviv is located on 21 Levontin St. The walk takes 17 minutes or so in total.

Taking a bus: from central bus station take bus number 5 to Allenby/Yehuda Halevi st (4 stops). It’s a short walk from there. A single fare is 5.9 ILS and it takes about 15 min.

* Please note: If you arrive on Shabbat (Friday evening or Saturday during daytime), or after 11:30PM, you should take a share taxi to Tel Aviv instead, which costs 25-35 ILS (no extra payment for luggage). These leave from the corner of HaNaviim Street and Monbaz Street, a 10 minute walk from Damascus gate up HaNaviim street.

Refund your costs: We are happy to reimburse you for the cost of your journey at our Travelers Center at the hostel. Please keep your receipts and we will refund the shared taxi to Jerusalem of 42 ILS, luggage fee of 5 ILS, bus to Tel Aviv of 16 ILS, bus ticket of 5.90 ILS – according to the transportation you used.


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