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Jerusalem Dual Narrative Tour

Our unique Jerusalem Dual Narrative Tour exposes the complex history and current reality of one of the most celebrated and controversial cities in the world. Will you have a definite answer in the end? Probably not.

In this multi-narrative experience, see Jerusalem presented by one Jewish Israeli and one Palestinian guide in tandem. Visit the Temple Mount or “Al-Haram A-Sharif” (meaning “The Noble Sanctuary”), the complex ascribed special meaning in biblical tradition, and holy for both Judaism and Islam. Move to a viewpoint overlooking Old City rooftops and the valleys beyond its walls – which points are emphasized in each guides’ narrative? Do the two relate differently to the city’s thousands of years of history? Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a window into the diversity of Christian faith and living example of a tenuous truce. Pass through the Old City’s main arteries and small pathways. Who lived here hundreds of years ago? In 1929? 1967? How is it changing today? Understand deep religious and national ties to Jerusalem, consider recent tensions, and ponder the city’s future.

***This unique tour is operated by our partners at MEJDI Tours***

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  • Get a unique perspective with a tour of both sides of this unique city
  • Visit the 3 holy sites of the 3 religions. Church of the holy sculpture, Western Wall & the Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Speak with both a Jewish Israeli and an Arab Palestinian
  • Better understand the complex political conflict and realities of daily life


Tour Itinerary

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    Day Tour

    09:30 / 09:45 – tour departs from Jaffa gate (changes seasonally)
    * Tower of David
    * Armenian, Jewish, Christian and Muslim Quarters
    * Rooftop View
    * Church of the Holy Sculpture
    * Western Wall
    * Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa Mosque
    * Via Dolorosa

Good to Know

  • We recommend to bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snacks
  • Modest clothing: Due to modesty requirements when entering the holy sites on this tour, you will need to wear clothes covering knees and arms (men and women).




  • Guided tour with two tour guides


  • Food & Drinks

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How would I recognize the tour guide at Jaffa Gate?

The tour is operated by “Mejdi Tours” and you will find their representative standing just outside of Jaffa Gate and holding a “Jerusalem: Dual Narrative Tour” sign

Is the tour guide Israeli?

There is one Israeli tour guide and one Palestinian tour guide working together.

Do I need a passport?

No, the tour is entirely inside Israel.

Is this tour going to take place in the West Bank?

This entire tour takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem.


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