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Photos of Israel and Palestine Beyond the Headlines (MEJDI Mission 2024)

Israel and Palestine Beyond the Headlines (MEJDI Mission 2024)

An unprecedented mission to explore the multifaceted issues affecting both Israelis and Palestinians living through the Israel-Palestine conflict. You’ll learn about the country’s political challenges and hear personal accounts from families impacted deeply by the conflict on both sides. The journey also offers insight from those with a strong grasp of the situation, including experts, local communities and organizations. This immersive experience will help you better understand the struggles of those living through it. We welcome you to delve into the many narratives surrounding the conflict to develop a first–hand understanding of the situation and to carry forward your experiences in the peacebuilding pursuit.

Photos by Mejdi Tours PR


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  • Meet with an accomplished journalist for a discussion on the narratives portrayed by media outlets.
  • Meetings with peacebuilding organizations.

Tour Itinerary

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    Day 1

    1. Check into your hotel, rest, and prepare for your trip.
    2. In the evening, meet with your Israeli and Palestinian guides.
    3. A welcome dinner with the group.

    (Dinner included)

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    Day 2

    1. An Active Listening Workshop led by your guides.
    2. Later, meet with an accomplished journalist for a discussion on how different sources of
    have covered current events.
    3. After lunch, visit a local museum / outdoor gallery showing artwork focused o the conflict. 4. View the new graffiti murals representing the experience of Israeli children and mothers in
    5. You’ll end the day meeting with a family member of one of the Israelis kidnapped on October 7 to hear their story.

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

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    Day 3

    1. Travel North to Akko, and meet a local resident for discussion on the Nakba, the city’s
    development, and dynamics between different communities.
    2. You’ll continue on to a Druze village for lunch and learn about the Druze community.
    3. Travel back to Tel-Aviv for a meeting with Standing Together, a grassroots movement
    mobilizing Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace, equality and social

    ​​(Breakfast and lunch included)

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    Day 4

    1. Check out of your hotel and hear from an expert about how October 7th impacted the
    communities of foreign workers living in Israel.
    2. Meet with representatives of Rabbis for Human Rights to hear how the
    organization’s work has evolved since the start of the war. Discuss how settler
    violence impacts Palestinians living in Area C.
    3. Her the perspective of an Israeli Security Official on the critical importance of state
    defense for Israeli-Palestinian relations, and meet an Israeli combatant.
    4. Back in the hotel, have a conversation with a former Gaza resident on the current situation
    5. Close the day with a facilitated conversation processing the narratives heard throughout
    the day.

    ​​(Breakfast and dinner included)

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    Day 5

    1. A walking tour along the Old City Ramparts.
    2. Make your way to Bethlehem to meet a Christian resident over lunch and visit the offices of
    Combatants for Peace.
    3. Visit the Educational Bookshop in East Jerusalem for a conversation with a Palestinian
    cultural figure

    (Breakfast and lunch included)

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    Day 6

    1. Visit Bedouin communities in the south that were especially affected by October 7.
    2. A visit to a medical facility to discuss the complexities of service to a cross-section of Israeli
    and – Palestinian society during wartime.
    3. Hear different visions of “the day after” from leading voices such as A Land for All
    organization, Gershon Baskin, a local politician or others (as available).
    4. Close the program with a wrap up session facilitated by your guides and a farewell group

    (Breakfast included)

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    Day 7

    Check out and travel to the airport for your flight home OR opt for a private extension tour
    (by request).

Good to Know

  • The package tour is operated by Mejdi Tours.
  • Airfare is not included with the price of the package.




  • Some of the meals (as written in the itinerary)
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fees
  • Tips for Drivers, Guides, and Hotel Staff
  • Water



  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Room Upgrades (Available upon request and with an additional fee)
  • Airport Transfers


Is the accommodation included?

Yes, the cost of the accommodation is included in the package. 

Are all meals part of the package?

Some meals, as outlined in the itinerary, are included in the package.

Is travel insurance included?

No, you must book your own travel insurance ahead of flying. Due to the war, some providers may not be offering travel insurance in Israel. Make sure to check ahead of time what you’re covered for. 

What is the post-trip extension tour?

More details on this three-day optional add-on will be available soon. 


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