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Ultra-Orthodox Jews
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Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Jews Tour

Our Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Jews Tour is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the rich cultural and religious identity of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, also known as Haredim or “God fearers,” living in Jerusalem. We will visit a traditional neighborhood, which isn’t typically visited by tourists, giving you the opportunity to remove the veil of a culture that most people have only observed from the outside.

The tour is guided by a member of the local Ultra Orthodox Community, who will take you for a walk around the streets of a nearby Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. Along the way, your guide will point out many significant religious symbols, customs and sites. You will also be visiting some local establishments. Note that some of these places won’t be possible to enter as it’s forbidden by the local community, so you’ll get a glimpse from the outside with explanations from you guide.

During the tour you are encouraged to have a discussion and ask your guide questions. You will discuss various issues related to this community’s life; such as marriage, the role of women in their society, media, charity, Kosher food and phones, Sabbath and holidays, as well as the current place this sector plays in modern Israeli society, demonstrating the very interesting narrative of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish people in Jerusalem.

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  • Explore a traditional neighborhood that is not typically visited by tourists.
  • Explore the day to day lives of the local community.
  • Learn about the significant religious symbols, customs, and sites of the Ultra-Orthodox community through the eyes of a local guide.


Tour Itinerary

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    Day Tour

    16:30 Tour begins at Abraham Jerusalem, Davidka Square.
    19:00 (approx) Tour ends.

    Important Information about this tour
    Modest Clothing is required – scarf/shawl for women. No shorts or bare shoulders (men & women)

Good to Know

  • Things to bring: Hat, Water, Camera




  • Guided walking tour in Jerusalem


  • Food and snacks

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Do I need to dress in a specific way?

Yes. Men and women should have long sleeves, skirts/pants/ dresses that are not tight and below the knees.

Is this tour suitable for everyone?

Our Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Jews Tour is suitable for individuals interested in learning about the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and its way of life. However, please note that visitors should respect the customs and cultural sensitivities of the community during the tour.

Is it possible to ask questions during the tour?

Absolutely! We encourage you to engage in discussions and ask questions during the tour. Your guide will be happy to provide further insights and address any queries you may have about the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.


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