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Agent Sales - Terms and Conditions

Specific Terms for Tel Aviv FREE Taxi

1.The promotion is valid for reservations checking in between January 1st until Feb 28th, 2018.

  1. Only available Upon Booking 3 consecutive nights or More at Abraham Hostel Tel-Aviv.
  2. The transportation is fromBen Gurion airport only.
  3. The transportation is toAbraham Hostel Tel-Aviv only.
  4. The promotion is not valid in case of cancellation of 1 night or more resulting the reservation to consisting of less than three consecutive nights.
  5. Reservations for Private Rooms will receive an organized taxi pick up.
  6. Reservations for Dorm rooms will receive a refund upon providing public transportation receipts.
  7. One Free taxi offered per private room reservation
  8. Free transportation offered in accordance to the number of people in the reservation.
  9. Abraham Hostels will be in-charge of providing the Taxi and will not offer a refund for a taxi ordered independently by the guest.


Specific Terms for Tel Aviv Taxi

1. Abraham Tours is an agent and does not provide this service directly.

2. The customer’s contract is with the Taxi service (Supplier)

3. Customers are to pay the Full Balance, minus the booking deposit in Cash to the driver on the day of travel.

4. Full Payment is authorized on the customers Card or Paypal when booking, but only the specified deposit amount will be charged, except in the Case of a No-Show without cancellation notice of at least 24 hours.

5. Authorizations will be released within a month of booking.

6. Customers must contact the taxi service on +972 (0)54-9846446 if running late. An additional fee of 120 ILS per hour of waiting may be charged if the customer does not meet the driver within an hour of arrival.

7. Refunds will only be given for bookings not cancelled at the discretion of Abraham Tours and their supplier.

8. Abraham Tours is not responsible for missed flights/connections or any other form of loss resulting from or as a consequence of any act or commission of third parties, Suppliers (including drivers and the Taxi Service), its staff members, or managers.

9. Customers must have full travel insurance to cover any loss or liability incurred by or to them.



Full Terms

The following terms apply for any tour or other activity organized by Abraham Tours, or for tours where Abraham Tours is an agent for another organization.

By making a reservation for a tour, all persons or organizations agree to the following criteria:

General Terms
1. The person or persons who have made a tour reservation are hereafter referred to as the ‘clients’. This document is hereafter referred to as the ‘terms’. The client agrees to be bound by these terms.
2. All clients registering for a Abraham Tours tour must fill out the online registration form, including the checkbox of acceptance of these terms, or sign a document provided by Abraham Tours and return it via fax or email.
3. In the case of minors, the legal parents or legal guardian must fill out the form and checkbox on their behalf.
4. No agent, representative or client of Abraham Tours has any right to alter, vary or waive any of these terms and Conditions.
5. These terms, by whomever it is made and wherever it is made, is subject to and shall be governed and construed according to Israeli law. If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed to be superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent and spirit of the original provision, and the remainder of the agreement shall continue in effect.You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Israeli courts in resolving all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this web site. Use of this web site is unauthorised in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all the provisions of these terms and conditions, including this paragraph. A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement, to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

Payment / Acceptance of Reservation: Group Tours

6. All prices are in shekels. Dollar equivalents are provided for reference only. Since exchange rates fluctuate, the price in dollars as published on the web site may not be accurate.
7. After a client submits an online reservation for a group tour on the website, Abraham Tours, the client must make full payment in order to secure a place on the tour and confirm the booking. If full payment is not made, then the client must contact Abraham Tours to complete the payment in order to confirm the booking.
8. All Group tours have prices displayed on the Abraham Tours Website.
9. The client will receive a confirmation of payment and booking via email.
10. In the instance that a balance is outstanding on arrival at the tour pick-up location, the full remaining balance is payable to either the tour guide, or a representative of Abraham Tours, or a representative of a tour operator designated by Abraham Tours.

Payment / Acceptance of Reservation: Private Tours
11. A private tour is a tour where only the client and his/her selected companions may take the tour.
12. Some private tours have posted prices on the web site for the same itinerary as group tours.
13. Private tours that involve modifications of the published itinerary require a quote from the Abraham Tours Administrator. Quotes are only confirmed via email.
14. A client for a private tour must request the tour via email, our website or telephone.
15. After the client accepts the quote, payment will be requested which can be paid via PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer depending on the Abraham Tours representative’s directions. Following this payment the tour will be confirmed. Any payment of a deposit where arranged, must be followed by the full payment on the date specified by the Abraham Tours representative, or all payments are forfeited and the tour will be cancelled.
16. The balance of the tour fee is payable in advance, or at the discretion of Abraham Tours may be paid at the tour to either the tour guide, or a representative of Abraham Tours, or a representative of a tour operator designated by Abraham Tours.

Cancellation/Change by Client
16. Any notification of cancellation by the client must be in writing via email. The date on which Abraham Tours receives the email will determine the cancellation charges applicable.
17. Group Day Tours can be cancelled by the customer 48 hours prior to the departure via email for a full refund or change of date (subject to availability).
18. Group Packages and multi-day tours can be cancelled 1 week in advance via email for a full refund or change of date (subject to availability).
19. Private Tours can be cancelled 2 weeks in advance via email for a full refund, minus a 5% administration and refund fee. Where cancelled up to a week before the tour a 50% refund will apply, after which no refunds will be given other than at the discretion of the Abraham Tours representative.
20. Payments for tours may be applied to a different date without an additional fee if the change is made subject to para 17 and 18, otherwise it is only refundable at the discretion of Abraham Tour.
21. If a change of date is made less than the prescribed period in para 17 or 18 then an additional fee may be charged at the management’s discretion.
22. Any refund payment made for any reason by Abraham Tours will be made in the manner prescribed by Abraham Tours at the time of the refund including, but not limited to, cash, credit/debit card, cheque, bank transfer, Paypal, and may or may not be in the same manner as the initial payment was made by the client.

Cancellation by Abraham Tours
23. Abraham Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time for any reason.
24. In the instance that a threshold of minimum participants for a public tour is not met, Abraham Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour with a full refund to the client.
25. In the event of a public tour being canceled in advance by Abraham Tours the client may choose a full refund of all deposits paid, or alternatively apply the deposit or full payment to any other tour that Abraham Tours is in a position to offer. If a tour is canceled or a client expelled from a tour due to inappropriate behavior then no refund will be paid.
26. No further liability by Abraham Tours to the client with regard to the cancellation will arise.
27. In the instance that an agent or operator of Abraham Tours or a third party entity chooses to cancel a tour for any reason including, but not limited to, the threshold of minimum participants not being met, Abraham Tours’ liability will be limited to a full refund of the tour to the client.

Unused Services
28. In the event of a client failing to join a tour, joining after departure, or leaving prior to completion, no refunds or liability will be accepted by Abraham Tours.

29. Abraham Tours does not accept any liability arising out of changes to itineraries, or any other matters relating to any tour, due to factors outside its control.
30. These factors include wars, strikes, weather, political disputes, border closures, delayed flights, etc. Any expenses incurred by the client arising out of these changes are for their own account.

Travel Documents
31. All clients must be in possession of health and personal injury insurance, a valid passport, together with any necessary visas or required vaccinations, and the client accepts full responsibility for obtaining the same.
32. Any information or advice given by Abraham Tours or its agents with regard to the above is given in good faith, but Abraham Tours can accept no responsibility for the information given.
33. Should a client be refused entry to Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt or any part thereof due to incorrect or incomplete documentation, Abraham Tours will not be held liable for any costs of such delays or repatriation costs for the client.

Authority on Tours
34. The client accepts that at all times that the decisions of the Israeli Authorities or IDF, the Palestinian Authority, the Authorities of any other relevant state, the Tour Operator, or Abraham Tours, will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well being of the client.

35. During any tour should a client, in the sole opinion of Abraham Tours or its duly authorized representative, be considered unsuitable for the tour, due to being in contravention of any customs or laws of Israel or other countries, or by reason of causing inconvenience or annoyance to other clients, drivers, or tour guides, then Abraham Tours may disqualify and expel the tour client and return the client, at their expense, to the point of departure prior to the end of the tour.
36. Abraham Tours will not be liable to make any refund to the client, and no other liability by Abraham Tours to the client will arise.

Limitation of Liability
37. Clients participating in tours or other activities organized by Abraham Tours do so at their own risk.
38. Client bookings are accepted on the understanding by the client that certain risks exist as an inherent part of travel in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Egypt, and clients undertake Abraham Tours’ tours entirely at their own risk.”
39. While Abraham Tours takes every precaution to ensure the safety of clients, no responsibility can be accepted for any death, injury or loss that might occur to such clients, sustained from any causes whatsoever.
40. The client is aware that tours organized by Abraham Tours enter areas where there is the possibility of heightened tensions and hostilities between population groups, and occasional hostilities, violence, abductions and armed conflict may occur.
41. The client is aware that participation in tours organized by Abraham Tours may expose them to harm, or hostile activities that may adversely affect transportation, medical care, and the quality of food and water.
42. The client and his/her dependents, heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, hereby indemnify and hold blameless, Abraham Tours, its members, employees, representatives and agents from any claims of any nature and from any liability for delay, loss, damage, injury, illness or death arising from any cause whatsoever out of events related to or occurring during a tour.
43. Any activities undertaken with Abraham Tours are at a client’s own risk and Abraham Tours is indemnified against any claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any injury, loss or damage during the activities at each destination or transport to and from each destination, in the knowledge that the tour leaders will take all reasonable precautions for the safety and welfare of the participants.
44. By participating in tours organized by Abraham Tours the clients assumes all responsibility for any health related issues, physical or psychological, which may arise as a result of the tour.
45. Costs in respect of any accident or illness which, in the opinion of the authorities, requires medical attention, are the client’s liability.
46. The client assumes all personal and financial responsibility for any and all risks arising from participating in a tour, including, but not limited to the risks described above.
47. By registering for a tour the client releases, discharges, and agrees to hold harmless Abraham Tours, it’s owners, employees, agents, tour operators, supporting organizations, and successors, from any and all liability, claims, demands, rights or causes of action, brought on the client’s behalf, or by or for any other person, or by the client’s heirs, executors, or assigns, for personal injury, illness, or death, or any other damages or loss of personal property which may occur en route to, during, returning home from, or as a result of the client’s participation in any tour or activity organized by Abraham Tours, to the maximum extent permitted by any state, territory, district or country.

Price Increase
48. Abraham Tours reserves the right to increase tour prices due to any increases in fuel costs, other costs, or fluctuation of exchange rates.
49. Tour prices are denominated in Israeli Shekels and are published on the website in US dollars as a convenience to the client, at the exchange rates at the time of publication.

The Client Agrees:
50. The client agrees to be bound by the aforementioned terms and conditions.
51. The client has read the foregoing and agrees voluntarily to all the Terms. The client stipulates that he/she is of sound mind, and acting on his/her own free will and without coercion or duress, agrees to the assumption of risk and waiver of liability. The client agrees that he/she is not relying on any oral or written representations or statements by Abraham Tours or their representatives, including brochures and the Abraham Tours website.
52. The client stipulates that he/she is over eighteen years of age, or is a parent or legal guardian for a minor participating in a tour, and has read and understood all the terms, conditions and waiver of liability.
53. The client understands that by clicking the box on the tour inquiry or registration form titled, ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’, these terms become a binding agreement.
54. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the client and Abraham Tours and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications (whether electronic, oral or written) between you and us with respect to transactions facilitated by this web site.
55. No information about the client will be provided to a third party unless it is necessary for the operation of the tour. Your contact information may be provided to the tour operator or tour guide in order to facilitate communication.

The selected tours will be reserved for you for 30 minutes. If you do not complete the reservation, after 30 minutes, the tours will be released for purchase by others.
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