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Photos of Bethlehem Tour from Jerusalem

Bethlehem Tour from Jerusalem

A special way to experience the city of the birth of Jesus awaits you on our Bethlehem tour. Explore the birthplace of Jesus and discover the historical and spiritual significance of its iconic sites. From the renowned Church of the Nativity to the serene Franciscan Grotto of Lady Mary and the barrier wall, this journey to Bethlehem offers a unique opportunity to delve into the city’s rich history and biblical background. With logistics taken care of, you can fully absorb the spiritual sites and connect with the profound legacy of the remarkable city of Bethlehem.

Our first stop is the Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches in the world and the birthplace of Jesus. Witness the chapels of the Catholic, Armenian, and Greek Orthodox Christians within this grand and historically significant church.

Next, we visit the Franciscan Grotto of Lady Mary, also known as the ‘Milk Grotto.’ This underground cave, with a Franciscan chapel above it, is believed to be where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus sought refuge from King Herod before their journey to Egypt.

At our last stop, we invite you to discover the Walled Off Hotel, a unique establishment created by British street artist Banksy, positioned close to the barrier wall separating Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. You will have some free time to independently explore the wall and the hotel. Do note that the hotel entrance fee is 20 NIS

With our tour, you’ll have the best opportunity to immerse yourself in the sacred city of Bethlehem.

For more information about the sites we’ll be visiting, download our free travel app on your smartphone.

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  • Visit the city where Jesus was born
  • Enter one of the oldest churches in the world, the Church of Nativity
  • Discover the Milk Grotto and learn of its history and origins
  • Walk through the old city of Bethlehem
  • Engage with unique art and political commentary at Banksy's Walled Off Hotel


Tour Itinerary

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    Half Day Tour
    Wednesday & Friday

    Itinerary until 31/10:
    8:00- Pick-up at Abraham Jerusalem, Davidka Square
    9:00- Arrive to Church of Nativity, Bethlehem Tour
    11:45- Free time at the barrier wall, Walled Off Hotel
    12:30- Leave Bethlehem
    13:15- Arrive to Jerusalem Old City- Jaffa Gate
    13:45- Arrive to Abraham Jerusalem

    Itinerary from 1/11:
    7:30- Pick-up at Abraham Jerusalem, Davidka Square
    8:30- Arrive to Church of Nativity, Bethlehem Tour
    11:30- Free time at the barrier wall, Walled Off Hotel
    12:00- Leave Bethlehem
    12:45- Arrive to Jerusalem Old City- Jaffa Gate
    13:00- Arrive to Abraham Jerusalem

Good to Know

  • Passports are required, and it is unlawful for Israeli passport holders to join.
  • Things to bring: passport, snacks & water, hat & sunscreen, camera.
  • Modest dress required for entering the holy sites.
  • The tour is not covered by international travel insurance. Accordingly, if you wish to purchase travel insurance, you must do so independently.
  • Please notice the slight changes in the tour itinerary starting from 1/11




  • Transport to all sites from Jerusalem
  • Entrance to all sites


  • Lunch & drinks

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Will we have a chance to see the Banksy art/hotel?

No, this tour will focus on the religious and historical sites in Bethlehem, and the Banksy artwork will not be included.

What should I wear for modest dress?

It is required for both men and women to cover their knees and their shoulders on this tour.

Do I need my passport for these tours and will it get stamped?

You do need your passport, and it does not get stamped because you are not crossing an international border.


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