Israel, Petra & Wadi Rum 8 Day Discovery Package

This package is a comprehensive tour of our most popular destinations, providing 8 days of adventure all over the country and neighboring Jordan. This is a partly guided tour, combining fascinating, informative guiding with individual exploration.

You begin your package in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps! During your stay in Tel-Aviv you will get to start by exploring what Tel Aviv is most famous for (it’s nightlife) on our TLV Pub Crawl. The next morning, you will explore the beautiful neighborhood of Jaffa on our late morning walking tour. 

On day 3 you will head to Jerusalem and join our Holy City tour, an amazing way to experience the rich history of the old city. The tour is packed with amazing sites holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians and fascinating to history lovers, such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Finish the day with a fun evening activity of Paint & Pint in our hostel.

On Day 4 While staying in Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, you will head to the West Bank for our Best of the West Bank Tour that covers Bethlehem, Ramallah & Jericho – where you’ll get a taste of Palestinain culture & important sites to Christianity such as the Baptism Site on the Jordan River & The Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

The next part of the tour is three exciting days exploring the treasures of Jordan. We will cross the border at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge, and continue to visit the 900-year old castle of Ajloun. We will arrive at the ancient city of Jerash, an incredibly preserved Roman city with colonnaded streets, mosaics, baths, theaters, temples, and a hippodrome. 

Our next stop is the capital city of Amman. We will tour both the modern downtown of the city and the old Citadel, which includes the Temple of Hercules and historic palaces. We’ll have lunch at a local restaurant and try kanafeh for dessert. We then head south to the desert and will stay in a Bedouin camp for the night. The Bedouins, nomadic inhabitants of the desert, will share their delicious meals and comfortable tents with us.

One of the highlights of this tour is a whole day devoted to Petra. One of the seven wonders of the world, and poetically described as “a rose-red city half the age of time”, Petra is an incredible experience for any traveler. Carved into the red rocks of the desert cliffs thousands of years ago by the ancient Nabatean people, Petra was hidden under the sand for centuries before recently becoming accessible again. We will tour through the treasury, amphitheater, royal tombs, and monastery before heading back to the Bedouin camp for another night of good local food, too much tea, and music. On your last day in Jordan you will get to explore the red desert of Wadi Rum. 

After returning to Jerusalem, the next morning  we will head south toward the desert for another exciting part of the tour. You will climb and explore the ancient fortress and archaeological ruins of Masada, while enjoying a spectacular view of the desert and Dead Sea below. Then you will hike in the Ein Gedi nature reserve, and lastly, swim and float in the mineral-rich Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth!

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  • Experience the incredible old city of Jerusalem and experience momentous holy sites such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Visit one of the seven wonders of the world - Petra
  • 4x4 Jeep tour in Wadi Rum
  • Experience the incredible Old City of Jerusalem and experience momentous holy sites such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


Tour Itinerary

  • arrow
    Day 1
    Tel Aviv - Arrival and Check-in

    Day – Check-in at Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
    Pub Crawl in Tel Aviv
    (Overnight Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv)

  • arrow
    Day 2
    Tel Aviv (Guided)

    Day Tour – Jaffa Walking Tour
    (Overnight Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv)

  • arrow
    Day 3
    Jerusalem (Guided)

    Day Tour – Old City Tour
    Evening activity of Paint & Pint
    (OVERNIGHT – Abraham Hostel Jerusalem)

  • arrow
    Day 4
    Best of the West Bank

    Day – Best of the West Bank Tour (Guided)
    (OVERNIGHT – Abraham Hostel Jerusalem)

  • arrow
    Day 5
    Jerash and Amman, Jordan (Guided)

    Day Tour – Petra Tour (Day 1)
    Visit Jerash and Amman
    (Overnight Bedouin Camp, Petra)

  • arrow
    Day 6
    Petra (Guided)

    Day Tour – Petra Tour (Day 2)
    Explore Petra
    (Overnight Bedouin Camp, Petra)

  • arrow
    Day 7
    Petra (Guided)

    Day Tour – Petra Tour (Day 3)
    Visit Wadi Rum desert
    (OVERNIGHT – Abraham Hostel Jerusalem)

  • arrow
    Day 8
    Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea (Self-Guided)

    Day Tour – Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea Tour
    Tour Concludes at Abraham Hostel Jerusalem at 16:30.

    NB: Itinerary is subject to amendment
    *Please note that sites may vary depending on crowds and/or religious holidays.

Good to Know

  • Passports are required, and it is unlawful for Israeli passport holders to join. Please note that failure to send in or insert your correct passport details by 5:00PM the evening before your tour departs can incur extra costs or result in the cancellation of your booking with no possibility of a refund.
  • Pickup points: Tel Aviv Abraham Hostel
  • This is a partly self-guided tour, meaning that it includes full transportation, but no actual guide. Self-guiding materials are available for FREE – Abraham Tours App (Available on Google Play and App store).
  • Age Limit for Dorm Room: Our Dorm rooms have an age range limit of 18 to 45 years. If you do not fall into this requirement, please select an upgrade to one of our great private rooms so we are able to accommodate you.
  • Things to bring: Valid passport, Money for border crossing and exit fees, Warm clothes for the night, Camera
  • Religious Objects and Clothing: Please be aware that certain religious clothing and objects can create issues for travelers at the Border crossing. If you wish to bring such items, please consult with our sales desk prior to the tour
  • Forbidden items in Jordan: Any size drones, Telescopes, Telephoto cameras with super zoom lenses (higher than 1000mm)




  • Full transportation from Tel Aviv
  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • Full Transportation
  • Guided & Self Guided Tours
  • Meals (Breakfast Daily except on day 5, four lunches, 2 dinners) – Religious meal requirements (such as Kosher or Halal) are unable to be accommodated unfortunately on this tour


  • Masada entrance and Cable Car both ways (77 NIS)
  • Ein Gedi entrance (31 NIS)
  • Border taxes – PAYABLE ONLY IN CASH:
    Israeli exit fee of 107 ILS, payable with ILS, USD or EUR.
    Jordanian exit fee of 10 Jordanian Dinar, payable only cash JOD (there is an option to exchange while crossing into Jordan, on the Jordanian side);
    an option to exchange while crossing into Jordan, on the Jordanian side).
  • Room Upgrade Optional (Single, Double or Twin)
  • Other meals and drinks

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Will I be with the same people everyday?

As part of our unique and dynamic package style, you will be joined by many different travelers on each day’s tours, some who will be with you most of your itinerary, and others who may just be joining for a day tour.

Are there any other fees for this package?

There are border fees that you will need to pay locally as well as some entrance fees to sites – full details can be found in your PDF booking confirmations

Do I need to obtain a Jordanian Visa beforehand?

We at Abraham Tours will obtain the Jordanian Visa beforehand for you and you will receive it at the border 

*Please note this is only applicable for those traveling from countries that can obtain a visa on arrival for Jordan. Please check with your local embassy first.


Will my passport be stamped at the border?

You may request to get stamped on a separate piece of paper, though there is no guarantee.

The date I want to book is in less than 7 days and the website is not showing availability, can I still book?

Please email us directly at [email protected] to check availability for packaged departing in less than 7 days.


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