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Haifa & Acre Tour

Travel up north and discover the fascinating cities along the Western Galilee and the Mediterranean coast, each with its rich mix of natural beauty, ancient heritage and religious traditions.We will head to the capital of the North. Haifa is considered a holy city for the Baha’i faith, who have planted sacred gardens along the hillside leading up to their shrine. You’ll have a great view of the beautiful gardens, as well as the city of Haifa, spread out across the coast below, as you learn about the great Baha’i religion and history. Driving north, we’ll pass through the charming neighborhoods of the German Colony and Wadi Nisnas.

We then continue to the ancient city of Acre, a walled port-city, rich with over 3500 years of history. Each successive ruler left their mark on the city, and we will be given time to explore it from the sea, sailing around the walls of Acre. The old city walls, the crusader fortresses, the lighthouse, and the mosques. Even today, the city is still vibrant and active, and we will visit the bustling marketplace for lunch. There is a wide range of culinary options, however, we recommend the simple but tasty Hummus Saeed, famous throughout the country for its tasty chickpea dip and warm, fresh Arabic bread.

The tour ends at Acre and the return back is by train to Tel Aviv independently.

Our driver will drop you off at the Acre train station for an easy way back to Tel Aviv.

The train departs to Tel Aviv an average of every 30 minutes, even less and takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to Hahagana station. You can purchase a ticket at the station or with a relevant app such as Moovit/HopOn/ RavKav.

If you really enjoyed the tour with us and don’t want to leave us just yet, you are welcome to upgrade and join us to the olive press and Nazareth.

We will visit an olive press near Tzipori. You will see many beautiful olive groves throughout this region as you are reminded of the fact that you are just a short distance from the Mediterranean sea.

Later you will spend the night at the Fauzi Azar, a 200-year-old Arab mansion owned by a respected Nazarene family in the Old City of Nazareth. After meticulous renovations, the property was converted into the city’s first hostel in 2005.

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  • Visit the stunning Baha’i temple in Haifa, with its majestic gardens running down the entire Carmel Mountain
  • Explore the extraordinary old city of Acre, its fortresses, minarets and marketplaces
  • Taste delicious and fresh local food in the marketplace: tasty hummus or sweet knafeh
  • Optional if Upgrading- Taste the famous Galilee Olive Oil in Zippori

Tour Itinerary

  • arrow

    08:00 – Departure from Abraham Tel Aviv Lobby
    09:45 – Haifa – Bahai Gardens & Temple
    11:15 :14:30– Acre
    15:45 – Arrive in Olive Press
    16:45 – Head back to Nazareth
    17:15 – Arrive in Nazareth

Good to Know

  • Things to bring - Hat and sunscreen, Water and snacks
  • Be aware This is a self-guided tour, meaning that it includes one way transportation, and App-based Content, but no actual guide
  • Modest clothing (for the Baha'i gardens covering shoulders and knees).
  • This tour offers transportation only one way. The way back to Tel aviv is by train and independently
  • Optional upgrade- A third stop at a sustainable organic Olive press in Zippory and a night in Nazareth at the Fauzi Azar. prices of the upgrade between 140-410 ILS (difference between a dorm or a private room)




  • Transportation to sites – one way only from Tel Aviv


  • Drinks and snacks

  • This is a self-guided tour, meaning that it includes one way transportation, but no actual guide.

    Optional sailing in Acre – 20 ILS

    Optional entrance to Acre Sites – 50 ILS

    Transportation back to Tel Aviv 27 ILS by train

  • Lunch

  • Optional Upgrade for a visit and tasting in an Olive press in Zipori and a night in Fauzi Azar between 140 ILS for drom and 410 ILS for Private room.

    Price 180 ILS FOR TOUR

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