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Best Day Trips from Tel Aviv

While Israel may be synonymous with its major cities of Tel Aviv—a riveting metropolis and cultural epicenter—and Jerusalem, a biblical city home to a handful of the world’s holiest sites, there’s much more to this inspiring country. Over half of Israel is a magnificent desert, where innovative agriculture and precious preservation have fueled its prosperity over the years. And there’s more. In the north, there’s luscious greenery, sprawling mountains, and nature to feed the soul. Israel is home to a diversity of landscapes, landmarks, historical sites, and natural wonders and you can experience many of these treasures on one of Abraham’s many day trips from Tel Aviv. 

Here are some of the best day trips from Tel Aviv:

Jerusalem: Day Tour from Tel Aviv

This jam-packed day trip from Tel Aviv whisks you to the holy city of Jerusalem, arguably one of the world’s most fascinating cities—not only for its biblical past preserved in time today but for its stark contrast to an evolving, contemporary backdrop outside the Old City walls.

After meeting your guide at Abraham Tel Aviv, you’ll hop on the train for a direct ride to Jerusalem. Making your way to the Old City, there’s ample time to visit the fascinating walled city, distinguished for its four quarters of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian. Each quarter has its unique stories and this tour reveals them all. You’ll also discover the Hurva synagogue, founded in the early 18th century—its name derived from ‘The Ruin’ as it rests on the remains of a 15th-century synagogue.

There’s plenty more on the agenda too. You’ll soak up the incredible views from a lookout point; enter the Temple Mount, holy for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, as well as the Islamic Shrine, the Dome of the Rock at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound. Among other gems of the day, you will have the chance to enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. 

After lunch, you’ll experience a ride on the Jerusalem Light Rail, which began operation back in 2011, to Mahane Yehuda Market, home to 250 vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to Middle Eastern treats, keepsakes, and more.

In a snapshot

  • A one-day tour departing from Tel Aviv exploring Jerusalem’s most iconic sites
  • Visit the four quarters of the Old City
  • Explore some of the holiest sites including the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • See and learn about the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, and Al Aqsa Mosque 
  • Soak up the smells of the iconic Machane Yehuda Market


Jerusalem Day Tour


Galilee: Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee

Northern Galilee region, home to Jesus’ native childhood, draws visitors from around the world to experience firsthand the sites where Jesus performed many of his miracles—particularly on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It’s also idyllic for nature enthusiasts, thanks to its seasonal offerings, including flowering springs that capture the inspiring landscapes. 

Abraham’s Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee day tour departs first thing in the morning from Tel Aviv to arrive in time for breakfast at Fauzi Azar, Abraham’s hostel in Nazareth. After a short stroll with a local, you’ll visit the Church of the Annunciation, the very place where Virgin Mary was visited by angel Gabriel who delivered the news she would give birth to God’s son. You’ll also have time to explore the Old City at your own pace. 

Departing Nazareth, we’ll travel to the Mount of Beatitudes which is the traditional site where Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount; followed by Capernaum, the second home of Jesus where he performed many of his miracles.

Lunch is next on the agenda at Nof Ginosar Beach at the Sea of Galilee—also home to the Sea of Galilee Boat (Ancient Jesus Boat) unearthed back in the 1980s. Also known as the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth and the very spot where Jesus is said to have walked on water.

The day trip concludes at an ecological farm known as Rish Lakish. This family-run farm boasts 6,000 olive trees and offers lessons in oil production. 

In a snapshot:

  • A day trip from Tel Aviv to visit Jesus’ native region, the Galilee
  • Meander through the biblical streets throughout Nazareth’s Old City
  • See the Mount of Beatitudes
  • Enjoy a dip in the Sea of Galilee
  • Visit Zippori, an archaeological complex, to learn about ecological olive oil production


Fauzi Azar


Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea

A trip to Israel would be incomplete without experiencing desert views at the peak of the 2,000 year old fortress known as Masada. This ancient Herodian fortress (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) stands proud amid the desert wilderness as a symbol of strength and perseverance. On this very mountain top, the Zealots took their own lives rather than succumbing to the oppression of Roman slavery. Learn more about this heroic story on Abraham’s Masada tour, which also includes a visit to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea.

The region can be tricky to reach by public transport which is an added benefit of this day trip from Tel Aviv. You’ll hop on the tour bus at 6.30 sharp and travel the 2.5 hours to Masada to ascend this majestic beauty by cable car to its peak. There’s time to explore its archaeological ruins and delve deeper into its history. 

After, we’ll head out to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to tap into nature. This freshwater spring in the heart of the desert is home to soul-inspiring beauty among its waterfalls, cooling pools, carved out trails and wildlife including the renowned Nubian Ibex.  

Following this is a dip in the Dead Sea, where mineral-rich and salty waters give you the buoyancy to float at its surface. Famous for its location as the lowest place on Earth, its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties are claimed to treat a myriad of ailments including arthritis and psoriasis.

 In a snapshot:

  • A three-in-one tour to the desert region departing from Tel Aviv
  • Ascend Masada by cable car and explore its ancient ruins
  • Hike through nature at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • Cool of in the salty Dead Sea waters




Sunrise Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea

The Sunrise Masada tour features all the stops of the classic Masada tour, albeit its geared toward both early risers and adventure seekers. Set your alarms early as this one departs between 2-3am to transport you to the base of Masada prior to sunrise. Make sure to wear your supportive shoes as this tour features a 350 meter hike up the renowned Serpent Trail. It’s worth the effort as the break of dawn floods the panoramic desert landscape with stunning light, capturing the wilderness as it awakens from slumber. As above, you’ll also trek through Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and enjoy a well-earned cooling off in the Dead Sea. Slather on some mineral-rich mud and lie back as you float in the salty waters at the lowest point on earth!

In a snapshot:

  • An early morning tour to witness the sunrise atop Masada
  • Explore the ancient ruins and learn about Masada’s tragic history 
  • Hike through nature at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • Experience the floating sensation in the Dead Sea




Judean Desert Jeep Tour

The Judean Desert has a profound history stretching as far back as 12,000 years.

It’s where you’ll find Bethlehem, Gush Etzion, and Hebron, regions tied to many of the Bible’s deep-rooted narratives. Other cities too can be traced back to the Judean Desert, including Ein Gedi. It’s also where Qumran is located, the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls (ancient Jewish religious manuscripts) were unearthed in 1947. 

Spanning 1,500km, there’s much ground to cover here, and what better way than by Jeep? Abraham’s Judean Desert Jeep Tour is for adventurous travelers who want to explore this historical land and its striking wilderness.

During the ride, you’ll visit Mount Azazel—said to be the spot where a scapescope perished after being pushed to its death by a high priest on the Day of Atonement; and Mar Saba monastery—potentially one of the oldest remaining inhabited monasteries on the planet which still follows a multitude of ancient traditions. 

On the way back off-road, you’ll also travel through Kidron Valley where shepherds’ caves and ancient land give a hint at life thousands of years ago. 

In a snapshot:

  • An adventurous day trip across the breathtaking Judean Desert
  • Experience a Jeep ride through off-the-beaten-track sites
  • Visit Mount Azazel and Mar Saba monastery 
  • See Kidron Valley and take in the ancient desert surroundings 


Judean Desert




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