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Transportation from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

We have so much to say about The Dead Sea—a breathtaking lake surrounded by Israel’s equally magnificent Negev landscape. The lowest point on earth at 304 meters, the mineral-rich waters are salty enough to float on and attract hordes of visitors annually who bathe in its therapeutic waters. The Dead Sea mud has healing properties to relieve skin conditions and inflammation—aiding in a variety of conditions including pain and psoriasis.  Approximately 110 km from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea is easily reachable from the holy city. It should definitely appear on your must-visit list whether it’s your first visit or the fifth!

How to get to the Dead Sea 

Israel’s public transport, although not perfect, has come a long way. And traveling from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is relatively uncomplicated, no matter your mode of transport. Here are the most accessible options.


Catch the 486 or the 444 bus from Jerusalem Central Bus Station which drops you within walking distance of the main entrance to Ein Bokek. The journey is around two hours and buses run on a set schedule throughout the day. A return journey is 32 ILS (around $9). Keep in mind, buses do not run during Sabbath from Friday afternoon until Saturday sundown. 


There are plenty of car rental facilities scattered throughout Jerusalem with the option of a day rental or more. You can use a price comparison site to drill down on your options. Once on the road, your drive from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea may be as little as one hour and 20 minutes. During peak times, it can take two hours. The downside is that with insurance and gas, rental prices can be high. But if you plan on traveling a lot throughout your time in Israel, it may be worth your while!


While a taxi is arguably the most convenient option to reach the Dead Sea, it’s a costly journey. Expect to pay around 400 ILS ($110) each way and even more during peak travel times. If you’re in a group and splitting the fare, it may be worth the extra expense to save time. 

Join a Tour

Take the stress out of planning and enjoy other perks with packages including transport and a tour in one. Abraham Tours’ selection of day tours from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea (more on that below). 


Dead Sea


Masada & Ein Gedi

While you’re in the area, you must make time to visit Masada and Ein Gedi. You can thank us later! Tagging these equally special and memorable sites may just be the highlight of your trip to Israel. Masada is a 2,000-year-old ancient Herodian fortress and UNESCO World Heritage site overlooking the Dead Sea. Atop its peak, which you can reach by walking two paths—the Snake Path, around a 45-minute hike of difficult intensity and the Roman Ramp on the other side of the mountain, an easier 20-minute hike, or by cable car. Once atop its peak, you’ll have time to explore the ancient ruins and learn about its tragic history of the Great Revolt against the Romans—and why Masada is a symbol of perseverance and strength. You must also take a moment to capture a breathtaking view of the rugged desert. 

Also nearby in the Judaean Desert is Ein Gedi, an impressive oasis among the arid land. Although its meaning is ‘spring of the kid (goat)’, it would also benefit from a title of peace and tranquility for this reserve is a true exploration of nature’s best. Declared a nature reserve in 1971, this region is brimming with waterfalls, lush vegetation, unique desert life (including the majestic desert-dwelling Nubian ibex) and pools and streams for cooling off as the weather heats up.


Dead Sea


Masada and Dead Sea Tours

For a no-fuss travel experience from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, book yourself a spot on one of Abraham’s three tours in the region. Here are the highlights:

Dead Sea Chill Out Tour 

A half-day tour departing every Wednesday (daily from July), you’ll have plenty of time to slather on a layer of mineral-infused mud, float in the Dead Sea and soak up the sun on the beach. 

Entrance fees to the beach are included.

Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea Tour

This trip is your three-in-one desert adventure that whisks you around the Judaean desert’s must-see attractions. Arriving at 9.00 at your first stop, we’ll travel to the top of Masada with plenty of time to discover many historical stories. After, we’ll hike through Ein Gedi for a nature experience in the desert, before finishing the day at the Dead Sea to nourish yourself in the mineral-rich water and mud.

Masada Sunrise, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea Tour

This sunrise tour is for early risers and adventure seekers who want the most spectacular start to your morning. We recommend setting a time lapse on your phone for a keepsake of the rising sun awakening the sleepy desert. Tour departs every Tuesday, and daily from July at 4am, reaching the base of Masada by 5.30 to begin your hike before the desert heat makes itself known. Relax at the top for a mesmerizing morning sunrise, with time after to explore the fortress. Around 8.30, we’ll make our way to Ein Gedi for your nature fix and finish off your day at the Dead Sea to immerse yourself in the glistening, salty waters. 

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